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Lady Whore Gets Hit With Piddle And Loves It

July 1, 2015

082 Teen Slut Gets Hit With Piss And Loves ItThis girl over experiences golden showers for the first time and gets pleasure from it! Two guys invite her for a threesome and after fucking her really good on all of her wet holes, she gets pure ecstacy from being drenched with wee-wee! All from OralPiss.Com.

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Lady Whore Gets Anal Stimulation

May 4, 2015

086 srzip15 Teen Slut Gets Anal Stimulation

Russian beauty Alisa loves it when boys poop on her, anywhere on her body. When prompted just right, she’d eat one too! Watch the rest of this filthy and shit-strewn video only at

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Looking for Turd

January 28, 2015

023 Looking for Poop
This gal is a huge slut of shite, and in this video he shows it on new girlfriend Olga. Olga is a newcomer when it comes to shitting, but she enjoys scat as she plays along with him, getting tons of poop and cum in

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Skanky Stepsister Smeared with Poop

November 7, 2014

107 Skanky Teen Smeared with Shit

This Russian charmer is hardcore for scat, and while eating cocks and blowjob cum, she loves her partner’s crap rubbed all babe her body. The smell feels erotic for her, and she doesn’t mind eating it too. See this over in

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Slutty Teen Gets Dirty With Poop

November 4, 2014

005 Slutty Teen Gets Dirty With Crap

Lisa loves dirt. Not useless stuff, but the real thing, eating, smelling, and rubbing excrement all ho her body. She wants it while she’s being fucked hard and heavy by her partner. See Lisa in action at

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Teen getting dirty, literally

July 13, 2014

031 Teen getting dirty, literally

Maybe this young brunette didn’t quite understand what this porn shoot where she’d have to “get real dirty” would end up with but… She seems to like the experience now, lying all smeared with fecal matter in front of cam at Scat Russia!

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Dominant Over Woman Makes Woman Eat Fecal matter

July 4, 2014

13RSS 032 Dominant Teen Slut Makes Slave Eat ShitControlling whore chicks makes slave see who’s the boss by making him lie down and take her shit! A wet Cleveland steamroller is dumped on his chest for his enjoyment. Lots of blowjobs, pee play, and hardcore shit stream action at Teenies-Shitting.Com.

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Shaven Sister Quim Gets Smudged With Tons of Poop

June 28, 2014

17RSS 028 Shaven Teen Pussy Gets Smudged With Tons of ShitHe has a love for fucking and all things scat. She wants to try it out, together with her trusty vibrator. Horny bro urges her to drink his box and spread his shit all sister her body until he cums. Watch more of the footage here on Teenies-Shitting.Com.

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Woman Gets Covered with Her Favorite Bodily Waste

June 15, 2014

021 Teen Gets Covered with Her Favorite Bodily Waste

This woman is one horny and freaky broad. Rimming and scat is the name of the game, and she gladly indulges in it. It makes for an afternoon of pure scat delights. See more teens eating shit in

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Girl Wants Shit on Her

March 10, 2014

001 Teen Wants Shit on Her

Introducing Lisa, a sister slut who loves the idea of scat. When she gets down with a brother who’s into shitting as much as she is, she goes all out. She’ll rub and eat shit as much as she wants. See her get fucked and shit on in

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