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Poo-covered vagina tastes best

April 20, 2012

w 040 Poo covered pussy tastes best

The taste of quim is enough to turn this husband on but… It’s best when it comes with a little extra – it’s best when it’s smeared with a stinky brown topping made of his babe’s feces. Watch him lick that dirty slit clean at German Scat!

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Hot for Scat Play

January 16, 2012

020 Hot for Scat Play
Slut and her father get ready before getting dirty and stinky with poop all whore their bodies. A dicking and more oral penetration are next for these freaks. More scat play ensues only at the prime scat site

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Covered in Smut

October 21, 2011

044 Covered in Shit
Olga wants to be covered in the brown stinky stuff, and gets it. This girl is deep into scat, and she loves shitting on her partners and eating the turd out of their assholes. Want more nasty scat action? Watch more only at

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Male sibling Loves Licking Asses

October 16, 2011

 0211 Man Loves Licking Asses

Big-tittied German girl loves anything dirty. She is into scat, anything related to it like eating filth, rubbing it in her boyfriend’s body, scat blowjobs. Anything dirty and stinky turns her on! Watch for more scat acts on

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