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Playing With Filth

September 3, 2015

039 Playing With Crap

Natalia’s favorite sex buddy loves fucking. Not only that, her freaky side comes alive because he’s into her favorite nasty act; scat. They take turns shitting, eating poo, and fucking until they both cum. More Russian scat sluts for you to see at

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Returning the messy scat favor

September 2, 2015

053 Returning the messy scat favor

Looks like this big brother really enjoyed the big portion of poo that his raunchy girlfriend gave to him – and he’s more than just eager to return the favor to her by taking a smut on her body as well! Watch him squat daughter her at Scat Russia!

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Shite makes her pussy tastier

July 22, 2015

w 038 Feces makes her pussy tastier

Looks like this man has found a way to make his babe’s hole taste even more palatable. Watch him cover it with fresh poo and then bury his face in between her hips getting himself so dirty – all at classy German Scat!

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Fucking after emptying bowels

July 16, 2015

w 077 Fucking after emptying bowels

Having taken a shit on his girlfriend’s neck and face, this dude feels light and refreshed enough to finally get down to plowing her snatch. Watch him drill her while smearing poo all bitch her with his hands at Teenies Shitting!

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Blond lady angels get filthy

July 14, 2015

055 Blond teen angels get filthy

The ones you will see in this messy scene from Scat Russia might be the most innocent-looking couple of teens that you can imagine! A tiny blond babe and a fella to match her – they will look so kinky when covered with hot poo!

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She’s got a ton of poo in her

June 16, 2015

w 072 She’s got a ton of poo in her

The question that came racing through my head while I was watching this awesome video from German Scat was ‘how much more dirt she’s got left in her guts’? Damn, she’s already got her fuckmate dirty all bitch and she still keeps on pooping!

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Messiest daughter scat scene ever

March 18, 2015

w 030 Messiest teen scat scene ever

This young brunette is so dirty she needs someone to wash her up urgently and… That someone is here! Watch her sex buddy dissolve the poo she’s got covering her young body with his piddle on the pages of Teenies Shitting!

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Crap makes oral fap more fun

June 14, 2014

095 Shit makes blowjob more fun

This blondie doesn’t have enough spit to make the head she’s giving to her BF as sloppy as he wants it? That’s no problem at all! He will simply take a fecal matter on her mouth and ball it through the pile of poo lying on her lips at Scat Russia!

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Feeding submissive poop eater

April 17, 2014

w 074 Feeding submissive shit eater

This spouse gets it off on being a dirty male screw over for his Mistress – here in this video from German Scat, for instance, one can see him getting his face smeared with fresh poo and eating it. Not too tasty – but he has to munch it!

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A Scat Threesome

April 2, 2014

138 srzip17 A Scat Threesome

Three Russian lovers of scat get together for a night of cumming and shitting. After downing some poo-inducing food, they tackle each other and fap around. Eating and smudging fecal matter is always the order of the day at

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