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Taking Dumps On Men

August 29, 2015

0531 Taking Dumps On Men
She can’t wait to see her streams of smelly and sticky goodness to erupt right in his chest. And then it happens, she craps all broad him. And he gets turned on tons higher. Watch the rest only at

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Hungry for Stink

June 25, 2015

0582 Hungry for Stink
Blonde chicks wants her partner to eat the crap that comes out of her ass. Taking dumps on each others’ bodies turn them on, and if you want to see more of the action just go to It’s totally hardcore and dirty!

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Crap Around Her Mouth

April 25, 2015

0622 Shit Around Her Mouth

ThIs broad wants gooey, tasty and stinky dump. She would love to eat some. No problem, her wishes are covered. They make loads of messes fucking, eating feces, taking dumps on each other and more!  It’s on at

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Rimjobs for Her

March 31, 2015

011 Rimjobs for Her
Look at this slutty babe, she’s busy rimming asses for pleasure. She’s into scat, and bonk without taking dumps and eating them can be quite routine. Scat makes everything exciting! Watch more hardcore scat only at

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Russian Teen Licks Dick

December 31, 2014

0372 Russian Slut Licks Cock

This ho loves shoving her mouth around cocks before letting her partner take dumps on her. Yes she’s into scat, and she loves it. Nothing turns her on more than eating dump and rubbing it all girl her body. See more at

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Dina Gets A Cleveland Steamer

November 2, 2014

129 srzip15 Dina Gets A Cleveland Steamer

Russian charmer Dina has a secret she never told anybody; she loves dump. She wants her partners to take dumps on her body while fucking, so it’s not unusual if you see Dina covered not only with cum but feces too on

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Teen Sucks Dick Before Shitting

October 22, 2014

012 tszip8 Slut Sucks Cock Before Shitting

This whore loves pecker and poop together. She doesn’t mind eating shit and cum together, since she loves scat and the men who take dumps all bitch her body. Witness her wild and downright nasty behavior only at

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Lucy Gets Wet With Poop

July 31, 2014

089 grzip10 Lucy Gets Wet With Shit

Lucy loves fucking. And she loves it the most when dump is involved while fucking her partners. She loves guys who take dumps on her, smearing their sticky, runny, and smelly smut all sexpot. Watch now for more!

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Sitting and Shitting

July 6, 2014

0161 Sitting and Shitting

This young half-sister wants to satisfy her father. And so she goes on top of him, loosens up her bowels, then take dumps on his crotch. Scat at its best, don’t forget to watch the video only at

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Fucking and Scat-loving

June 27, 2014

0371 Fucking and Scat loving
This couple knows fucking everyday is a must. But what about scat? They’re both freaks so scat is only natural for both of them. They’re into people who take dumps while fucking. Watch now for more!

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