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Lucy Delights In Pop’s Filth

May 18, 2015

016 Lucy Delights In Partners Shit

Lucy is new to scat, but when her husband George finally took a poop on her body, it sent waves of pleasures all sexpot. She didn’t have any idea that shit can turn her on, and now she’s hooked for life. See her bang and get dirty in

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Elsa Gets Covered In Crap

February 26, 2015

007 tszip91 Elsa Gets Covered In Crap

You know you got it going good when Elsa, a huge over, urges you to dirt on her. Then after shitting on her you’ll find her rubbing the fecal matter all bitch her body. It turns her on so much, even eating the shit stream. See it all only at

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Cum and Crap on Her

February 21, 2015

124 Cum and Shit on Her
These horny Russian boys wouldn’t quit until they see to it their turd and cum are smeared all ho their bitches’ body. They love shitting on their husband’s mouth or anywhere on her body. See this sister covered in filth only at

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Teen Gets Ready To Eat Poop

January 30, 2015

086 grzip8 Woman Gets Ready To Eat Crap

This sexpot likes what she smells, and soon her mouth and her body will be filled with poop. The couple is into scat, and they like shit all whore them while fucking. Score the nasty stuff here at now!

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Teen Gets Shite on and Taken

January 24, 2015

0141 Teen Gets Shit on and Taken
Brenda can take in loads of poop on her face and her body. She and her sib are way into scat, eating filth makes them horny. Lots of blowjobs, golden shower play, and hardcore shit action at

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Loving With Crap

January 10, 2015

004 tszip9 Loving With Crap

When Amy gets down with a lad who loves crapping as much as she does, she goes all out. First, she wants mounds of feces rubbed all ho her body, and when she starts smelling of the stuff, she wants to get fucked hardcore. At

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Fucking For More Crap In Her Mouth

November 6, 2014

26RSS 034 Fucking For More Shit In Her MouthBlonde woman hustles for more turd spread all throughout her body. And she gets it in spades, from willing man. Taking dumps on each other’s bodies turn them on, and if you want to see more of the action just go to GermanScat.Com.

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Leo Wants More Poop

September 23, 2014

092 Leo Wants More Shit

Leo is into fucking and sexy girls, and he won’t hesitate to try something new twice like scat. Now he loves being dump on and shitting on his old man’s mouth or anywhere on her body. See Leo covered in shit stream only at

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Cindy Sucks Cock And Pee

August 16, 2014

033 zip3 Cindy Sucks Cock And Pee
Redheaded bombshell Cindy is in need something wet, warm, and yellow on her body and on her tongue. It’s not beer nor juice, golden shower is what this horny woman wants! She wants piddle and cum combined to drink, see it all in

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Russian Bro Loves It Really Dirty

July 26, 2014

056 srzip17 Russian Boy Loves It Really Dirty

Mikhail loves it when his girlfriend plays dirty, and by dirty, he means tons of poop rubbed all sexpot his body while fucking, and eating some of it too! If you want to see the entire video and you have a taste for scat, go to

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