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He Loves Crap in His Mouth

June 29, 2015

061 He Loves Shit in His Mouth
This horny young big brother is in for a treat! A chicks of scat, he gets pleasure out of assholes spurting hot steaming pieces of crap! Get down and dirty with the Russians, more scat play to be seen only at

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Sexy Lady Gives In To Scat

June 28, 2015

112 Sexy Slut Gives In To Scat

This sexy teen wants more in her mouth. A mouthful of brown stinky goodness out of her husband’s ass. Watch more explicit and raw footage of scat exploits featuring tons of good looking Russians. See it now at

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Hungry for Stink

June 25, 2015

0582 Hungry for Stink
Blonde chicks wants her partner to eat the crap that comes out of her ass. Taking dumps on each others’ bodies turn them on, and if you want to see more of the action just go to It’s totally hardcore and dirty!

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Exposed By The Lake

June 23, 2015

006 Exposed By The Lake
Before enjoying an afternoon full of dirt, Stephanie meets her scat daddy by the lake. Excited at the prospect of performing scat with him, she shows him her goodies. Look for more in

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Eating box before pissing fap

June 22, 2015

w 001 Eating twat before pissing sexThe bro friend featured in this scene from inimitable Oral Weewee knows how to lure his girlfriend into pissing hump that he loves so fucking much. Just rub her back and she will rub yours! Hole licking makes her wanna take a tinkle!

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Sonia Gets A Shower Of Pee

June 21, 2015

082 opf9 Sonia Gets A Shower Of Pee

Sonia couldn’t get enough of piss. So after making the boys cum, she kneels in front of them and gladly opens her mouth to receive urine. Soon enough she gets showered with the dirt, to the pleasure of the boys. Watch girls get peed on at

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Oral fuck Before Scat

June 19, 2015

016 Sucking Before Scat
The taste of shit is nearly equal to the taste of cum for this sexpot. She loves it dirty, literally, and she won’t stop at nothing to get a mouthful of turd. Her nookie daddy brings on the filth streams and she laps it all up on

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She’s got a ton of poo in her

June 16, 2015

w 072 She’s got a ton of poo in her

The question that came racing through my head while I was watching this awesome video from German Scat was ‘how much more dirt she’s got left in her guts’? Damn, she’s already got her fuckmate dirty all bitch and she still keeps on pooping!

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Boning at the Back

June 14, 2015

0451 Boning at the Back
A slutty bitch like Daisy get plenty of boning from men. Sluts like her often experiment with lots of positions and activities. She tried golden showers and she loved it! Her mouth gets fresh with urine daily, so watch it now only at

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Ashley’s Mouth Likes Pee

June 13, 2015

095 opf4 Ashleys Mouth Likes Pee

Ashley might look like an angel on the street, but truth is she’s quite the nasty chick, especially when it comes to fuck. She loves stretching her mouth and purse for cock, and now she loves golden showers. See girls like Ashley pissing on

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