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Sluts Want More Member and Pee

May 29, 2015

077 Sluts Want More Cock and Piss

Slutty Dina wants her hole and ass filled with all the good stuff; cum and weewee! So she goes out with her best nookie buddy then begins the usual acts of hardcore sex and golden showers. Look for more videos at

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Carol Sucks Tool and Ass

May 28, 2015

011 Carol Sucks Cock and Ass

Carol is a huge sexpot, and she loves fucking. But what does this teen want aside from nasty positions and drinking cum? She loves scat! She’s into freaky stuff like shit-eating and smearing. See her antics only at

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Cock sucking Cock for Shit

May 24, 2015

046 Sucking Cock for Crap
To make him even more turned on, the lady expertly sucks off her papa’s raging cock. She keep him excited with every turn and slip of her tongue. Watch plenty more scat videos only at

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Giving teen some tasty poop

May 23, 2015

w 032 Giving bitch some tasty poop

Animal print thongs look a bit out of place on this dude’s shit-covered tushy but… The girl licking it doesn’t seem to give a nooky! Everything she is interested in is the dirt – watch her munch it hungrily at German Scat!

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Girl lezzos shit on each other

May 22, 2015

w 022 Teen lezzos poop on each other

Yes, these two dykes are really young yet but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to try something really crazy in bed with each other. Here in this scene from Teenies Shitting you will see them doing exactly that – the scat way!

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Young Lady Out for Scat Play

May 21, 2015

0041 Young Lady Out for Scat Play
Andie is a young broad who loves trying new things. In this video, she will be introduced to the world of scat by her horny man. Watch her covered in nothing but cum and dirt only at

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Eat Dick and Crap

May 19, 2015

0213 Eat Cock and Crap
Theresa loves the dirty stuff. Literally. Scat makes her horny, wee-wee too. So don’t be surprised if you see her fucking, and later on she gets covered with loads of turd, golden shower, and cum. More hardcore scat play going on only at

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Pissing through the panties

May 19, 2015

w 030 Pissing through the pantiesYes, this short-haired vixen could have taken her panties off before pissing but… She knows that the view of her wet knickers will drive you absolutely ecstatic, so she will keep them on! Watch her wee-wee right through them at Oral Golden shower!

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Lucy Delights In Pop’s Filth

May 18, 2015

016 Lucy Delights In Partners Shit

Lucy is new to scat, but when her husband George finally took a poop on her body, it sent waves of pleasures all sexpot. She didn’t have any idea that shit can turn her on, and now she’s hooked for life. See her bang and get dirty in

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Sandra Loves Golden Showers

May 15, 2015

051 zip11 Sandra Loves Golden Showers
This stud gets the most memorable ball of his life when he gets peed on by Sandra, a golden shower-loving whore. After pleasuring her with his pecker and his tongue, Sandra cums and then gets her urine on him! See it only at

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