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Russian Teen Licks Dick

December 31, 2014

0372 Russian Slut Licks Cock

This ho loves shoving her mouth around cocks before letting her partner take dumps on her. Yes she’s into scat, and she loves it. Nothing turns her on more than eating dump and rubbing it all girl her body. See more at

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Russian Teens Get Dirty With Each Other

December 30, 2014

072 srzip161 Russian Teens Get Dirty With Each Other

Russian teens loves it dirty and hardcore! Watch as these two horny teens engage in some nasty shit-eating and smudging. The smell and the taste of shite and cum combined is heaven for these two, so watch the video only at

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He Wants Her Piss

December 28, 2014

021 He Wants Her Pee
Mike can’t wait to dip his tool in his partner’s holes. He wants her bad, pissing and fucking her on all the right places. Watch the duo’s hot pissing action only at the premier piddle site,

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Big hot load of fresh pee

December 27, 2014

w 013 Big hot load of fresh urineMaybe this dude is not the most endowed out there but… It doesn’t bring his horny hoochie down at all as she only cares about the size of his bladder! We’re at Oral Piss after all. icon wink Big hot load of fresh urine Watch her catch a huge load of wee-wee with her body!

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Lady Is Into Golden Showers

December 26, 2014

0601 Slut Is Into Golden Showers
Sally enjoyed her first wee-wee experience so much. She wanted more. After getting fucked she got busy with her papa’s piss and cum. See more videos of her getting action and urine only at

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Peed on the Face

December 25, 2014

051 Peed on the Face
This threesome is in for loads of shared fucking and piss plays. This slut took her turn, peeing on her two boys like mad. Gallons of cum and weewee are consumed and thrown around. See more hardcore pissing action only at

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Hot slut tastes turd and dick

December 24, 2014

237 Hot bitch tastes shit and cockThe man of this raven-haired slut wants her to enjoy the best flavors of the world at once during her shoot for Scat Russia! He makes her eat turds, suck his cock and slurp his cum for dessert! Damn, that’s so delicious!

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Daisy In Pee-soaked Glory

December 24, 2014

072 Daisy In Pee soaked Glory

Daisy is quite the hardcore ho. And by hardcore she means kink and tons of freaky fap. Freaky for her includes golden showers, and guys usually love that. Watch Daisy get peed on and drink her partner’s wee-wee only at

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Wild fucking in the crap sauna

December 23, 2014

0040 Wild fucking in the shit sauna

This young Russian brunette can’t quite understand why this sauna smells like a public loo but… She’s too busy to care about it now that she’s riding her fuckmate’s cock. Come see this careless cutie getting shitted on at Scat Russia!

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A cocktail of urine and sperm

December 23, 2014

w 093 A cocktail of pee and sperm

While mainstream girls are getting facials and cumshots, this sexy Latina is going way dirtier on the pages of Oral Urine. You will see her getting peed on her face first – and only then catching a big and sticky double load!

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