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Her Ass Gets Eaten

October 31, 2014

016 Her Ass Gets Eaten

Blonde slut wants loving and loads of wet, hot, golden weewee. Whenever she and her big brother make nasty, it always involves fluids like cum and urine. He splashes and showers her with his wee-wee. Now she wants wee-wee and cum all the time. See it only at

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Slurping that hot golden juice

October 29, 2014

w 056 Slurping that hot golden juiceThe Latin whore starring in this video from Oral Pee has got something bigger than a pair of cute braces and a gorgeous mouthwatering body to show to you. This exotic vixen is also going to impress you with a hot urine drinking show!

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Whore shits on her BF’s neck

October 28, 2014

051 Girl shits on her BF’s neck

Pearl necklaces are no longer trendy – real kinky fuck junkies from Scat Russia give each other brown stinky ones now and it rocks! Come on, see one cute blondie taking a dump right on her boyfriend’s neck while he is fingering her ass!

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Ready to Pee

October 28, 2014

002 Ready to Pee
Golden showers is the name of the game, and they crave the feel and taste of pee in their bodies. They begin by licking, oral sex and fucking each other out before heaps of tinkle is released! See more only at

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Olga Sucks Hard Dick

October 27, 2014

033 Olga Sucks Hard Cock

Pretty Russian chick Olga gets ready for a night of pure fucking and scat. Watch tons of footage of pretty Russian girls like Olga doing everything kinky and freaky with their equally horny partners. Watch more only at

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Fucked on 2 Holes

October 27, 2014

080 Fucked on 2 Holes

Jessica’s taste for peeing is tested when she gets fucked in a threesome by two urine studs. She passed with flying colors because she’s such a huge, nasty freak. Look for more dirty freaky girls at

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Pink Ass with Crap

October 26, 2014

0651 Pink Ass with Crap
Her rosy-pink ass is now littered with turd, and this turns her dad on so much. More fucking and scat play ensues. Watch these Russians get dirty by checking out

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Boy Waits for Poop-Filled Pleasures

October 25, 2014

079 Man Waits for Poop Filled Pleasures
He likes smut in his mouth. Literally. She’s a daughter with huge titties who loves fucking and taking a smut on her partners. And in this video they do all that and more. See the footage on Germanscat. com.

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Karla Loves Licking Crap

October 23, 2014

016 tszip9 Karla Loves Licking Turd

Karla just got splattered with dump directly on her face. Totally excited and horny about the whole experience, she readily smeared and rubbed the smut all lady her face, tasting it. Watch Karla’s scat adventures in

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Teen Sucks Dick Before Shitting

October 22, 2014

012 tszip8 Slut Sucks Cock Before Shitting

This whore loves pecker and poop together. She doesn’t mind eating shit and cum together, since she loves scat and the men who take dumps all bitch her body. Witness her wild and downright nasty behavior only at

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