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More Asses Unloading Shite

September 29, 2014

051 More Asses Unloading Shit
This woman loves taking shits on people and eating the stuff too. Yes she’s into scat, and she loves it. Nothing turns her on more than eating shit and rubbing it all sexpot her body. See more at

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Golden splish-splash for master

September 28, 2014

w 016 Golden splish splash for daddyNow that this fat old pervert is ready for adventure, his teenage girlfriend gives him some! Watch her squat lover him and make her waters flow, hitting his face with a powerful spray of golden piss! It rocks so bad at Teenies Shitting!

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In Your Face Pee

September 28, 2014

095 In Your Face Pee
Her fantasies of kinky shtup happened. She gets fucked, and then peed on by her partner. He’s into golden showers, and she showed her the works. Watch her get fucked hardcore and peed on only at

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Horny for Cum and Turd

September 27, 2014

078 Horny for Cum and Crap
These Russians go wild with scat, and then proceed to nookie and suck each other! For more poo-stained glory, don’t hesitate to check out, your site for Russian scat freaks.

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Boned like a Hound

September 27, 2014

065 Boned like a Dog
Blonde daughter with huge tits and a taste for golden showers get fucked real good. She wants it from behind, and she wants torrents of weewee to hit her after cumming! Watch this lady get fucked and wet at

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She’ll Ball for Tinkle

September 26, 2014

0671 She’ll Fuck for Pee
Slutty brunette is always ready for more pee play. After getting a huge dicking and oral sex her dad to a climax, she prepares herself for some golden showers, and enjoys it immensely. See more at

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Shit stream Stained Stockings

September 25, 2014

039 Shit Stained Stockings
Kinky and horny little brother makes his girlfriend fart and release filth. Later, she performs scat blowjobs, eat smut and lick his ass, and spread shite all daughter their bodies. More hardcore scat videos available only at

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Taste-Testing Poop

September 24, 2014

082 Taste Testing Crap
Look at the way this stepsister tastes poop. You know she’s into it. She’ll keep on fucking her master just so she can have poop all whore her body. If you are a scat enthusiast, then better check out for videos!

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Leo Wants More Poop

September 23, 2014

092 Leo Wants More Shit

Leo is into fucking and sexy girls, and he won’t hesitate to try something new twice like scat. Now he loves being dump on and shitting on his old man’s mouth or anywhere on her body. See Leo covered in shit stream only at

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Threesome Loves Fucking Around With Poop

September 21, 2014

15RSS 004 Threesome Loves Fucking Around With TurdTeens gather around in nature to frolic, hump, and celebrate shitting. Huge messes are not a bother for this group because the smell and taste of poo turn them on. Urine plays, hardcore anal, blowjobs, and more threesome fun can be seen on Teenies-Shitting.Com.

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