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Lucy Gets Wet With Poop

July 31, 2014

089 grzip10 Lucy Gets Wet With Shit

Lucy loves fucking. And she loves it the most when dump is involved while fucking her partners. She loves guys who take dumps on her, smearing their sticky, runny, and smelly smut all sexpot. Watch now for more!

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Ruby Screams For More Peeing

July 31, 2014

085 opf11 Ruby Screams For More Peeing

Ruby is the kind of freak who loves it dirty. She’s into tons of things, from spanking to threesomes and foursomes, you name it. But most of all, she loves getting soaked with her lovers’ piss. See her get second helpings of wee-wee at

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The craziest woman lezzies ever

July 30, 2014

w 075 The craziest teen lezzies ever

Damn, just look at these two crazy teenage bitches! How do you like them? They have just finished shitting onto each other and now they are ready to start fist-fucking! Let them please you at Teenies Shitting – they will blow your mind!

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Two Guys, a Sister, and Urine Play

July 30, 2014

034 Two Guys, a Girl, and Piss Play
Jenna gets ready to let loose on two of her favorite boys. After getting fucked on the mouth and twat at the same time, they get down to golden showers. See the three get busy fucking, sucking, and pissing at

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Couple Indulges in Poop

July 29, 2014

061 Couple Indulges in Crap

More poop related fucking from this horny and perverted couple ensues. This whore couldn’t contain her excitement when it comes to fucking and eating crap. She wants her face covered in nothing but cum and poop! See it only at

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Amanda Loves Anal And Peeing

July 29, 2014

066 zip1 Amanda Loves Anal And Peeing
Amanda gets what she wants: getting peed on and getting fucked in the ass. She’s an interesting and wild lay because she loves it when urine and cum are involved. So in order to turn her on, shower her with your urine! Only at

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Fucking Before Taking a Poop

July 28, 2014

0231 Fucking Before Taking a Crap

Harold makes sure to ball before indulging in hours of brown-eyed glory. This couple is into scat, she loves shitting on her husband. Harold loves eating the poop that comes out of his girlfriend. It’s totally hardcore, cum watch only at

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Excited for Scat

July 27, 2014

012 Excited for Scat
This sister is getting horny, excited for that moment when her partner dumps his load on her. She also loves it when she takes a shit on her father. The two also engage in lots of dirty fucking. See it only at

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Cocksucking and Pee

July 27, 2014

030 Cocksucking and Pee

Blonde sister loves getting her groove on when it comes to fucking. Her twat gets wet at the mere mention of schlong and peeing. Yes, this slutty big-tittied chick is into golden showers. It’s a turn on, so go watch the video at

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Russian Bro Loves It Really Dirty

July 26, 2014

056 srzip17 Russian Boy Loves It Really Dirty

Mikhail loves it when his girlfriend plays dirty, and by dirty, he means tons of poop rubbed all sexpot his body while fucking, and eating some of it too! If you want to see the entire video and you have a taste for scat, go to

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