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She loves the taste of watersports

November 21, 2012

She has stuck her tongue out and the spray of hot urine gushing out of her fuckmate’s dong is hitting its tip, making her feel the flavor of his golden juice and enjoy it so much… She’s a urine freak – just like any ho at Oral Piss!

Showering a woman with hot tinkle

November 20, 2012

These two studs are very meticulous and demanding when it comes to personal hygiene. They would never agree to shtup a teen without showering her – with their tinkle! See them drenching her sexy body at Oral Piddle and then doing her!

Golden spray in his nasty face

November 1, 2012

Piss is gushing from this young Latina’s box in such a powerful spray that it almost hurts when it hits her fuckmate’s face. Nevertheless, he will enjoy getting splashed with it – otherwise he just wouldn’t be here at Oral Wee-wee!

Oral favor for shit-loving halfsister

November 1, 2012

Now that this cutie has allowed her fuckmate to shit on her face, he feels obliged to return the favor to her. Watch him get between the dirty slut’s hips and give her twat still reeking of her piddle a licking at Teenies Shitting!