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Very refreshing watersports

August 31, 2012

The dad is really tired after all that fucking with his slut girlfriend? It’s time to refresh him a little and bring him back to life with a big piss! Hey, and it’s just the beginning – see the rest at Teenies Shitting!

Pee-pee halfsister skewered with cocks

August 31, 2012

Here at Oral Piss peeing shows and golden showers always come together with hard fucking. This fact gets proven by the MMF trio you can see on this picture. Don’t miss your chance to see them getting it off and getting soaked!

Rimming makes him wanna dump stream

August 30, 2012

This young brunette playing the rusty trombone in front of camera at Teenies Shitting really wants her fuckmate to give her some of his yummy chocolate and… Don’t worry, he won’t bring her down – check it out here in this scene!

Precious Latin pissing beauty

August 30, 2012

This pee-loving Latina is definitely getting her portion of admiration from her fuckmates. Blown away by her gorgeous body and her fragrant golden fountains, they treat her like a goddess, word – see it yourself at Oral Watersports!

A highly explosive round booty

August 29, 2012

All those numerous enemas that this freshie has received are making her ass explode with fountains of liquid poo again and again. Still, her fuckmate seems to enjoy it! Watch him smear it all babe her bottom at Teenies Shitting!

Member sucking golden shower out of two cocks

August 29, 2012

Those fucking teasers! They got their lady totally overexcited and now they say they can’t urinate on her because they don’t want to pee yet. Well, she will have to suck it out of their cocks then – see it at Oral Piddle!

Watersports and hard fucking

August 28, 2012

Simply drenching this beautiful bitch with urine is not that much fun – her new hump buddies from Oral Tinkle want to give her holes a good stretching as well. Fortunately, she doesn’t mind it too – watch her grind on their dicks here!

A poo-and-cum cocktail for GF

August 27, 2012

This young star of Scat Russia is totally addicted to various rare delicacies and tonight she’s going to try one with really intense flavor. Watch her brother smear shit daughter her face and then glaze it with his hot tool sauce!

Hard shtup before watersports

August 27, 2012

This Latin beauty is definitely going to reward her fuckmates for this wonderful screw with a generous weewee – the way they were drilling her ass and eating her out at the same time made her cum like crazy at Oral Piddle!

Sharting between big boobies

August 26, 2012

Taking a poop into the loo is boring – it feels much better to lay a good one right in between a sexy babe’s breasts! Watch one naughty dude do that at Scat Russia. Okay, his turds are not firm enough – but it is even more fun!