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Hot shower from two love guns

June 30, 2012

The two cocks being pushed into this petite girlie’s face have already delivered her tons of pleasure – but the main portion of it is still on the way! Watch them gush with hot urine and get the chick totally soaked at Oral Piss!

Dumping it on nice big boobies

June 28, 2012

This young tart’s big breasts look so disgustingly white and clean – someone just has to come and get them damn dirty. Fortunately, that someone is right here! Watch the dude squat over her rack and shit on it at Scat Russia!

Hot snatch for a pee fetishist

June 28, 2012

A mere thought about this MILF’s pussy gushing with hot pee is even more than enough to get her fuckmate horny as hell and ready to fuck. Watch him put the mommy down on all fours and do her from behind at Oral Piss!

High time to get real messy

June 27, 2012

There’s no stopping scat sex lovers when they get real horny – this scene from Scat Russia proves it very vividly! Watch one hot babe draw herself a brown beard and mustache and let her fuckmate eat her shit-smeared pussy!

This ass needs being pissed on

June 27, 2012

This swart guy starring for Oral Piss feels as full as the water tower in the background on this picture. That’s why he’s in so much hurry to position his babe right before he finally covers her with his golden juice!

Cock dips into mouthful of poo

June 26, 2012

This scene from Scat Russia would have looked super-hot even if it finished when the girlie got a mouthful of hot shit but… The guy starring in it decided to go even further! Watch him fuck the chick’s dirty mouth here!

Young tart wants sex and urine

June 26, 2012

The way these two studs were fucking their petite girlfriend really got her off – but what she’s really anticipating still is the final part of their threesome sex adventure. Watch them shower her with their urine at Oral Piss!

More shit than what he can eat

June 25, 2012

Yes, this dude is an almost insatiable shit eater but… Looks like his girlfriend has got her ass filled with more poo than he can swallow. Watch him end up with her feces all over him and their bed – all on the pages of Scat Russia!

MMF sex at a pee swinger party

June 25, 2012

There is a pissing sex party being held in the local swing club and it means that the ladies are going to get much wetter than usual there tonight. See them taking golden showers after lots of hard fucking at Oral Piss!

Big brown necklace for a dude

June 24, 2012

There’s nothing that makes this youngster happier than a big portion of liquid shit streaming down his chin and neck. Let’s see how he looks with that smelly brown necklace on – all in this classy scene from Scat Russia!