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A stinky brown facial for lover

May 19, 2012

w 045 A stinky brown facial for girl

Having taken a generous portion of purgative, this boyfriend just can’t stop evacuating his bowels. His babe’s neck and face are almost entirely covered with poo but he is still giving her more and more for the camera at Teenies Shitting!

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Unique pic of a hot dump stream eater

May 18, 2012

w 042 Unique pic of a hot shit eater

This scat hump pic from Teenies Shitting is one you won’t be able to take your eyes off for a while. Our camera father has managed to capture the intricate moment when a fresh dirt slides out of guy’s ass and penetrates his GF’s mouth. Yum!

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Fat halfsister ass smeared with poo

May 17, 2012

w 038 Fat teen ass smeared with poo

As if this girl’s menstrual blood stains all over her hole weren’t enough, her old daughter from Teenies Shitting decides to get her even dirtier. Watch him make her shit, smearing everything that her sphincter lets out girl her butt.

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Teeny used like a toilet pan

May 16, 2012

w 034 Teeny used like a toilet pan

Shitting and pissing into the toilet pan is a thing of the past of this dominant lesbian broad from Teenies Shitting. She prefers dropping her body waste onto her teenage girlfriend’s body and into her mouth! That sure looks amazing.

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Menstruating halfsister wants scat

May 15, 2012

w 021 Menstruating teen wants scat

Ready for the ultimately dirty treatment from Teenies Shitting? You will get it in the company of this adorable pig-tailed freshie and her older fuckmate! She’s in the mood to mix her menstrual blood and her turd at our site!

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Shit-smeared halfsister spreads it

May 14, 2012

w 020 Shit smeared teen spreads it

She’s young, she’s hot, she’s got a gorgeous curvy body – and she’s enjoying the most massive scat treatment in her whole life! Even the most intimate nooks of her body are covered with turd – watch her show it at Teenies Shitting!

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Innocent chicks tries scat ball

May 13, 2012

w 015 Innocent teen tries scat sex

This freshie’s fuckmate is ready to initiate her in scat fuck – tired of plain fucking with the sister, he wrestles her down on the floor, covers her body with shite and starts drilling her cunt like crazy! That’s Teenies Shitting, bitch!

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Damn messy show from a teeny

May 12, 2012

w 010 Damn messy show from a teeny

As you can see, the girls at Teenies Shitting don’t limit themselves to softcore stuff – they love getting oh so dirty! Sit in front of your PC screen and open up for a huge spray of weewee and some fresh turd from this young girl.

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Halfsister tossing some dirty salad

May 11, 2012

w 009 Babe tossing some dirty salad

The young star of this gallery taken from Teenies Shitting is a real rimjob pro – her fuckmates always squeal from pleasure when she gets down to rimming their asses. As you can see, she doesn’t mind when these asses are dirty too.

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This phat ass is full of dump stream

May 10, 2012

w 0009 This phat ass is full of shit

See the plump rump that this teeny is sporting? Mmm, it looks twice as tempting when you understand that’s full of fecal matter about to gush out and drench everything around the slut and her fuckmate in their new shoot for Teenies Shitting!

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