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Thirsty blonde drinking urine

March 30, 2012

w 095 Thirsty blonde drinking urine

Here’s one for those who say that girls are rarely too eager to drink wee-wee. The blondie exposed on this pic is trying to catch every drop of her fuckmate’s golden load cause she’s so fucking thirsty! See her at Oral Piddle!

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Beautiful face gets drenched

March 29, 2012

w 090 Beautiful face gets drenched

The star of this scene coming from Oral Piss looks so beautiful when relaxing after a good shtup with her babe – eyes and mouth wide open, gasping for breath. That mouth of hers… It literally begs for someone to fill it with pee!

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Golden waterfalls in the tub

March 28, 2012

w 086 Golden waterfalls in the tub

This MILF is the proud owner of a wonderful set of firm and perky breasts – the breasts that look absolutely awesome when there’s hot wee-wee trickling all half-sister them and down onto the mommy’s flat belly. See it at Oral Golden shower!

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Cum and pee for my sweet miss

March 27, 2012

w 085 Cum and piss for my sweet miss

This young girlie is so adorable – and so kinky at the same time, just like a perfect star of Oral Urine is supposed to be! It’s high time you saw her cute face stained with hot sperm and washed clean with a decent load of urine!

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Two couples in a pissing orgy

March 26, 2012

w 084 Two couples in a pissing orgy

These swingers obviously know how to have good time – and they are here on the pages of Oral Pee to show it to you as well. Watch them shtup the living hell out of each other and throw a real urine party for dessert!

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Pee after a hot sex

March 25, 2012

w 082 Golden shower after a hot fuck

The bang with this hung balding dude was a hard one, so now this star of Oral Golden shower obviously needs a refreshing shower – a refreshing wee-wee, to be precise! Watch her get pissed on in her bathroom till she’s soaked through!

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A real squirt gun of a dick

March 24, 2012

w 080 A real squirt gun of a cock

The dick aimed right into this cutie’s face looks and feels like a real squirt gun, word – the sprays of hot urine gushing out of it are hitting the girlie’s face so fucking hard they are almost hurting her! Welcome to Oral Urine, baby!

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Perfect ass covered with poo

March 23, 2012

w 036 Perfect ass covered with poo

Looking for whore bitches with perfect fannies? Here’s one – waiting for you at Teenies Shitting! Hope you don’t mind it when them perfect fannies come smeared with decent portions of fresh, brown and smelly fecal matter too!

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Anal sex for a urine slurper

March 23, 2012

w 078 Anal fuck for a urine slurper

This blondie said she wanted to get all the way down and dirty with her fuckmate meaning that she wanted to get a usual Oral Tinkle treatment from him but… He got it all literally. Watch him probe her crap chute before the pee party!

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Two dykes try scat love on cam

March 22, 2012

w 034 Two dykes try scat love on cam

If you think that lesbian hump is all about tenderness and goodie-goodie carpet munching, hit Teenies Shitting – this site will prove you wrong! Here you will see nasty lezzies shitting on each other and showering each other with piddle!

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