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Filthy couple gets humiliated

February 25, 2012

w 025 Filthy couple gets humiliated

The Mistress is not going to play around with her slaves, for sure. She wants them as submissive as it’s only possible and this is something that she can only reach by putting them through scat humiliation training at German Scat!

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This dirty ass needs cleaning

February 24, 2012

w 013 This dirty ass needs cleaning

What a dirty mummy we’ve got here at German Scat! She’s just taken a smut but she didn’t bother to wipe her ass. Well, she doesn’t want to get her thongs dirty, so someone has to go ahead and lick that dirty asshole of hers clean!

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Mom wants to crap on you

February 23, 2012

w 009 Mommy wants to poop on you

This shaggy German MILF is looking damn bang toying her furry quim with that little dildo, no doubt. Still, the best part is yet to come. Watch her squat woman you, ready to cover your body with her fragrant dump at German Scat!

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Men get used as toilet pans

February 22, 2012

w 0021 Men get used as toilet pans

These guys have gotten their cocks handled fine by their bitches – now it’s time they went even further and get their portion of warm sticky poo on their bodies! Watch the ladies squat teen them and get them dirty at German Scat!

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Blonde Daughter Gets Peed On

February 7, 2012

21 Blonde Slut Gets Peed On
This piss-soaked blonde teen gets satisfaction from bucketfuls of watersports aimed at her. She also loves it whenever her man gives her permission to urine on them. If you are a fan of piddle porn, then don’t miss the girls at

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Mika Wants Dick and Pee Play

February 6, 2012

0302 Mika Wants Cock and Piss Play
Mika the blonde lover loves it when she’s being drenched in loads of pee. She loves piddle and fucking combined, and with this, she wants it all wet. Her mouth and body wet with cum and tinkle. Watch more golden shower play at

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Blondie Goes Down

February 5, 2012

29 Blondie Goes Down
Rose wants her dose of cum and urine by the bucketfuls. Everyday. Golden showers are a turn-on for her, and she likes it when she pees on her lovers and she loves being peed on in return! Sexy sluts and peeing only at

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Boys Drink Her Pee

February 4, 2012

28 Boys Drink Her Piss
Boys make their pee-soaked fantasies come true when they did the nasty with this whore. She is one of those sluts who love piss play. From pissing to drinking piddle, she does it without hesitations. Take a peek at

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Sluts into Golden Showers

February 3, 2012

27 Sluts into Golden Showers
Marie loves weenie like all other sluts out there. But what makes her different from other girls was the fact that she loves weewee! Golden shower satisfies he , and that makes her a wonderful lay, boys. See girls like her in action at

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Eat and Play with Filth Together

February 2, 2012

014 Eat and Play with Shit Together
Horny Russian teens get wild, fucking and cock sucking each other’s cunt and dick. You’ll see them lapping up shite and rolling all lady it later on! Eating and smudging shit is always the order of the day at

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